Google Classroom

Google Classroom is an integral part of our district's online instructional plan.  It is used to disseminate information to parents and students and provides access to Google Meet (Google's video conferencing app). Google Meet is critical for remote learning. Google Classroom, as with all of our online applications, is accessed via the ClassLink platform. 

What is Google Classroom?

Teachers create online classrooms to manage all the documents that their students need. Documents are stored in Google Drive and can be edited in other apps inside Google Drive.

Teachers can make assignments for students and include all the necessary documents needed to complete that assignment. Students “turn in” the assignments when finished, and teachers can grade and give feedback to the student.

Google Classroom provides an avenue for teachers to make announcements to all students and parents.

Students also have the ability to comment on assignments and announcements, as well as collaborate with classmates.

Google Classroom for Parents

Google Meet Inside Classroom